Hanoi, Vietnam
♦ Code name: James
♦ Kernel: AI++
♦ Version: 3.0 NFNL 198008201809
♦ Native language: Delphi
♦ Foreign languages: C/C++, Python, LUA, Javascript, PHP, C#, MATLAB Scripts, SQL, HTML/HTML5.
♦ Hardware: SH 4.0
♦ Software: VS 1.0
♦ Protocol: One-touch Synchronous USB
♦ User Interface: HP LINUX 2020
♦ System Applications: industrial robots, intelligent robots, mobile robots, machine vision, control theories, dynamics of mechatronics systems, evolutionary algorithms, STEM, STEAM.
♦ Homepage:
 New E-Learning platform:
♦ Sign: @gmail   hubaphu

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