Current Projects

Information Teaching Courses

At phenikaa:
  1. The project of establishing a potential research group in Bio-Robots and Artificial Intelligence, 2023.
  2. The project of building the lab of robotics & AI, 2022-2023.
  3. The project of the quadruped robot, 2022-2023.
  4. Student Robotics Club, 2023.
  1. An excel add-in to support subject assessment according to ABET, VINABOT.COM, 2023.
  2. The project management platform on Sharepoint for ABET team - Building and guidance, completed on 09-2023.
  3. Evolutionary algorithms in solving robot kinematics problems, VINABOT.COM, 2022-2023.
  4. Hybrid Operating System for the quadruped robots, VINABOT.COM, 2022-2023.